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Competitive Advantages

Advantages of Lira OODover its competitors:

  • very good knowledge of the products – ability to provide a technical solution for the relevant application at a competitive price;
  • providing products of European origin proven by an appropriate certificate from the raw materials manufacturer;
  • declaration of conformity;
  • large stockpiles;
  • Integrated ERP system –Microinvest Pro which allows for the quick processing of orders, minimizing of errors and provides the opportunity for making quick references;
  • Availability of trained mobile teams which provide to the customer in due time:
    - technical consultations by phone or in writing;
    - upon request and, if necessary, site visits;
    - elaboration of schemes upon specific assignment;
    - assistance in identifying components.

The company aims at extending the portfolio of the offered products and services with such that are a subject of interest to potential customers from abroad. Currently, there are registered enquires from foreign companies which require specific products in long series. The main objective of LIRA OOD’s management is the creation of technological preconditions for large-scale production with predictable quality which will ensure direct export to international markets.

A specific feature and great advantage of LIRA OOD is that the product it offers is entirely predefined by the customer. 



Targovishte, Bulgaria
3 Nikola Marinov str.

tel. +359 601 65473
fax: +359 601 69339


Varna, Bulgaria
4 Petra str.

tel./fax: +359 52 305927

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