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Technological process

The technological process in manufacturing includes several key phases:

Development phase – integration in the manufacture of every product which is manufactured by LIRA OOD. This phase includes the following subphases: measuring of the main proportions and parameters of the sample provided by the customer, drafting and prototyping of the product by means of engineering software, the establishment of prototype and its comparison to the customer’s sample.

The phase of integration in the manufacture – creation of necessary technical documentation, defining of operations, time regulation, actual manufacture of the products through mechanical processing, identification of the finished product by marking each item.

Quality control of the finished product.

Packaging and forwarding.

The products of the company achieve a balanced price/quality ratio because:

- continuous communication and partner relations with manufacturers and suppliers of metals and other raw materials, materials and supplies are maintained, the best price for input materials is obtained;

- modern machines and equipment are being used, manufacture by world leaders in the industry;

- Close cooperation has been established between designers and technologists, which provides optimal input materials ratios, technical considerations of the manufacture and installation which saves time and money;

- due to the integrated systems for business and resource management, an extremely low share of administrative costs in the course of business has been achieved;

- a low-cost price has been achieved as a result of the effective planning of the manufacturing process;

- the correct types of work have been standardized on the basis of "best practices" as a consequence of which the personnel is extremely motivated to perform the activities related to every project;

- each subsequent performer controls the work of the previous one, which together with the high level of qualification and experience provides quality and reliability.



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