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Manufacturing of articles which meet client requirements and expectations and which comply with all legal requirements is the goal of the conducted quality policy.

Under a market economy and strong competition, the company aims to increase customer satisfaction.

When the conditions of the contract with the customer contain requirements that are not secured by the company quality system or are not accepted by it, special procedures for ensuring the agreed requirements will be developed and applied within the company.

The company focuses on manufacturing articles that are competitive and with steady quality. That is possible only by conducting modern policy and process approach when managing quality.

The application of a quality management system is the most important tool for achieving the quality objectives.

The quality policy of the company is brought to the attention of the entire staff through the training system, elements of the interior design of the working environment and specially planned and performed procedures.

The understanding and sharing of the company policy means strict compliance with the requirements of the applied quality management system under ISO 9001:2008 and supports the efforts of anyone who strives to enhance the quality of their work.
As manager of the company LIRA OOD, I declare my personal involvement and responsibility with the quality policy stated in the declaration.

Manager of LIRA OOD Eng. Trifon Trifonov 

Policy regarding the staff

Most of the staff are long-time workers at the company. Relations among the employees are based on clearly defined rules that predetermine a harmonious and calm work environment.

Investment policy

The managing team annually votes on reinvesting part of profit realized in the previous year in modern technological equipment.

Customer Service Policy

LIRA OOD provides its clients with custom produce, focusing on the overall satisfaction of the client’s wishes. This predetermines long-term relations with them.

Pricing Policy

The company maintains a competitive pricing policy based on actually reported revenues, expenditures and costs of the products. The products of LIRA OOD are positioned in the medium price segment. The communicated advantage of the brand is that it offers a qualitative difference in respect to the competitors in the same segment.

Advertising Policy

Since the products of LIRA OOD are specific, the efforts of the Company’s management are directed to promoting the brand by reaching out to the end customer:. To this end, an office in Varna has been registered. The company’s site presents the technological potential of the company in a modern and accessible way.



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Varna, Bulgaria
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